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Woodwinds of Judgement

Musiikkivideo Victims of Ikurin Valediction -levyn aloituskappaleeseen. Valediction on Juho Koivuahon (Plain Fade, lisää alempana) postuumisti julkaistu sooloteos. Videossa esiintyvät Ilmari Kavén, Mikko Ängeslevä ja Irina Vartia. Lue Juhosta lisää. Kuuntele albumi täällä, osta se täältä.

Music video for Victims of Ikuri’s Valediction, late Juho Koivuaho’s (Plain Fade, see below) posthumously published solo album. Performers in the video: Ilmari Kavén, Mikko Ängeslevä ja Irina Vartia. Read more about Juho here. Listen to the album here, and get it here.




The Genesis of The New Humanity, 2008-2010

Anthropogonia, The Genesis of The New Humanity, was a project by the band Plain Fade and WiOL, a sixty-or-so-headed choir, written in Ancient Greek by Ilmari Kavén, in which I participated as a visual artist and the triangelist.

LISTEN (link to soundcloud)

Live concert film from Nosturi shot and edited by Ilmari Kavén:


Visit Plain Fade’s page to read more and listen and buy the album (link to Spotify). Here’s the choir’s page.

a few final and concept images. They were shot in the superb Tampere city park Saukonpuisto with Mikko Ängeslevä (Mikko’s film in YouTube featuring Ilmari Säävälä).

The concept images with text are based on the Declaration of The New Humanity by Ilmari Kavén who wrote the libretto for Anthopogonia in Ancient Greek and deviced the methodology for applying the new humanity, which was employed at Anthropogonia’s first live show in Nosturi, Helsinki.

Here’s a couple of video ads made to promote the two live shows the project had in Helsinki the year 2009. Mikko Ängeslevä performs in the first one. He also “danced” in the live performances.





Another sunday collaboration with Mikko Ängeslevä. Made in Château de Monthelon, France.